What is it?


Efficiency Works is able to facilitate visual workplace sessions in your business.  A well run and organized workplace has a clear status and structure that reduces errors, waste and maximizes output.  We teach your team how to analyse your current workplace to find where information is not clearly communicated to those who need it and help them design simple, visual systems so that not only is the work made easier the system is easy to sustain.


The concepts of visual workplace are universal and we use proven, world class techniques but we don’t offer a cookie cutter approach.  Our difference is our ability to use our experience to apply these profit generating principles to your specific situation including your equipment, staff and product. 


What do we do?


As people learn best by doing our involvement is very practical and hands on.  With Efficiency Works, participants not only learn visual workplace concepts they practically apply the tools.  This way your organization not only benefits immediately from the practical exercises done under our supervision but is left with the skills so that you can continue without our help. 


Your situation may demand a short workshop, a blitz or a long term intervention.  We can do it all and we’ll work with you to come up with
a solution that suits your budget and solves your problem.  


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 self-managing processes
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