value stream mapping

 creating visibility 

 of your processes 

What is it?
















Value stream mapping offers a number of advantages over other process mapping tools including:

  • providing visibility of a whole process

  • creating opportunities for collaboration across different departments

  • tracking value added time and identifying all non value added time

  • utilises process data such as cycle times, setup and throughput rates

  • considering available capacity of resources

  • identifying the source and reasons for waste

  • providing a mechanism to collaboratively plan improvements 

  • providing a mechanism for tracking the impact of changes to the process

What do we do?


During our practical hands on workshop, we explore value stream mapping and the theory of constraints, and then map a real process.  We do this by observing the operation from the customer’s perspective and gathering data and spotting problems as we go.


We then produce a map of how the process is currently.  Participants are then assisted to design a leaner process that delivers value faster to the customer. 


We use the perspective of the customer to:

  • identify bottlenecks or constraints

  • expose waste activities

  • identify opportunities for improvement

  • reduce lead times


We then work with the group to develop the future state map of the process.  This map would typically contain changes that would be achievable in a three to six month timeframe.  In this way, we are aiming to achieve real change for the customer and the business in a realistic timeframe. 


The difference between the existing process (current state map) and the improved process (future state map) determines the activities and improvement projects that the group can address in later sessions.


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