a structured process for the deployment of a strategic plan

What is it?

Strategy deployment (or Hoshin Kanri) is a planning and execution system that applies lean principles to business planning and strategy development. The objective of strategy deployment is to ensure we are working on the “right” things.  It is also a way to ensure we match the available resources with the right improvement projects. The key differences between strategy deployment and traditional strategic planning are that strategy deployment has a strong focus on the customer, using a Kaizen approach centred on Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA), and is highly engaging to ensure all staff are on board.


What do we do?


Efficiency Works uses strategy deployment techniques tick the following boxes:

  • helps us understand where we are going and how we will get there

  • enables leadership to define direction but engages people to work out how to get there

  • applies a scientific method to the business situation

  • aligns all activities with objectives then deploys these activities in a creative, engaging way

  • defines the breakthrough projects that are needed to achieve your company vision

  • designs a structured but flexible process resulting in total alignment around these “must do - can’t fail” projects

  • creates visual systems for feedback


Our process consists of an annual review underpinned by more frequent reviews of progress against targets for all improvement initiatives. 


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