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By following the five principles of lean we will help you unlock
time (and money) in your organisation. 


The five principles of lean* are:


  • Specify value from the point of view of the customer

  • Identify the value stream

  • Create smooth flow

  • Let the customer pull

  • Pursue perfection


We lead your team and study your processes using these guiding principles.  It works every time.


If you invest some time up front studying how you create value for your customers your processes will not only delight your customers but will be carried out more efficiently.  Efficiency Works' value stream mapping program is core to this process.  The actions that result from this will make sure that you are doing only what the customer values and that
all parts of your business are working together to achieve this end.


Because we are trained in industrial engineering which is essentially
the science of work, we can also advise and lead you toward efficiency improvements grounded in scientific methods. 


Our processes result in more time for your staff to focus on the tasks that are most important for customers.


We’ve done this many times before with great results, which include:


  • 500% reduction in the physical time taken to process a product

  • Reduction of setup time by greater than 50%

  • Streamlining of 3 reporting streams to one

  • Removal of 3 days lead time for a customer service process


You can see case studies and more examples of how we have helped business save time on our results page.


No matter what stage of the journey you are on, one of our services
will help you save time.


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*Womack and Jones

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