Industry: manufacturing, food

Service: strategy, learner, blitz

Results: save money, save time, reduce waste, improve service, improve quality, increase morale, increase productivity, increase flexibility

the brief


The client had “tried lean before” with some initial success but eventually returned to the old way.  As a result, lean had developed a bad name, with some staff openly hostile towards it. 


Efficiency Works was engaged to reinvigorate and revive the lean initiative.


the execution


Efficiency Works executed a three-phased approach to turn the culture and the business around, address misconceptions, and embed lean as a part of everyday work.


Step 1 strategy program aimed to:


  • establish what the business needed to do in order to be successful

  • help the leadership team crystallise the challenge


Step 2 learner programs:


  • provided high level education on what lean is and is not

  • were delivered for influential staff via Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices, a formal training course requiring a year to complete


Step 3 blitz program:


  • restored faith in the improvement program using 5S and setup reduction techniques


the results


The phased program approach assisted the company to achieve:

  • a strategy where there was very little before, coupled with an understanding of that strategy throughout the business

  • significant and quick improvement in 5S and setup times thanks to the blitzes

  • sustained improvement because of the long term commitment to the learner program

  • leaders and teams focused on improvement rather than just plodding along until the next fad comes along


  “they showed us how to think properly ” 

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