reduce waste

In order to reduce waste in businesses we teach our clients to see waste.  Drawing from the examples of the great lean thinkers we help each and every person in the organisation be on the lookout
for the seven wastes, which are:


  • Transport

  • Inventory

  • Motion

  • Waiting

  • Over production

  • Over processing

  • Defects


All of our services will reduce waste. 


We’ve done this many times before with great results, which include:


  • $2,000,000 benefit

  • $800,000 p.a. saving from set up time reduction activity

  • Reduction of set up time by greater than 50%

  • $130,000 p.a. saving in time and material

  • 50% improvement in DIFOT

  • $600,000 reduction in scrap

  • 25% reduction in downtime

  • $460,000 p.a. reduction in scrap

  • $40,000 reduction in inventory


You can see case studies and more examples of how we have helped business reduce waste on our results page.


No matter what stage of the journey you are on, all of our programs will help you reduce waste.


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