problem solving workshop

 a structured process for  fixing root causes 

What is it?


During our problem solving workshops, participants will apply simple
but effective problem solving techniques to improve the performance
of a process in your business by uncovering root causes.


What do we do?


The workshop is conducted as a blitz, so the participants will achieve valuable learning outcomes, and simultaneously we will identify some practical improvements for your processes, all in a short period of time.


The workshop is designed to provide a foundation for an ongoing continuous improvement culture.


The output of the workshop includes:

  • facilitated support for the application of DMAIC / A3 problem solving techniques

  • an understanding by the participants of how to use DMAIC / A3 process and tools such as 5W1H, 5 whys, pareto analysis, brainstorming and fishbone diagrams

  • an understanding of how to use the A3 worksheet to illustrate, document, track and communicate all aspects of the improvement projects

  • action plans

  • facilitated support for the implementation of appropriate key lean concepts

  • setailed suggestions on how to sustain the improvement initiative



DMAIC is a five step problem solving process used for the improvement of any process.  The acronym explains the process steps - define, measure, analyse, improve, and control. It is focused on finding root causes and identifying solutions.


We use a simple but effective way to record the problem, the analysis, the corrective actions and the action plan on a single piece of A3 paper. 


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