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Efficiency Works provides a range of services that can be tailored specifically to your needs and to your organisational environment.  


We now also offer fully online training and coaching

  "They showed us   

           how to think  


Learner (Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma)

Efficiency Works is a leading training provider running best in class certified training courses delivered by trainers who are veterans of the industry, experienced teachers, and practical operators. 


Our courses are:              

  • run Australia-wide

  • funded through a range of State based and Federal programs

  • supported by an extensive online resource base for students

  • digitally enabled  via our online learner app


learner courses


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 "our team has gone from blaming each other
working together

Business Assessment

Our business assessment is a powerful diagnostic tool that gives organisations insight into their strengths and areas for improvement, and to score performance against global criteria.


This assessment:

  • determines current position against a globally accepted framework

  • provides insight into your organisation

  • increases knowledge and understanding of the latest in leadership and management systems thinking


business assessment program


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Efficiency Works uses the principles of Hoshin Kanri to ensure we are working on the “right” things in the organisation.


Hoshin Kanri ticks the following boxes:

  • helps us understand where we are going and how we will get there

  • enables leadership to define direction but engages people to work out how to get there

  • applies a scientific method to the business situation

  • aligns all activities with objectives then deploys these activities in a creative, engaging way

  • defines the breakthrough projects that are needed to achieve your company vision

  • designs a structured but flexible process resulting in total alignment around these “must do - can’t fail” projects

  • creates visual systems for feedback


strategy program


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“ so easy to work with ”


Consulting, analysis, coaching and mentoring

We can help you make less waste a way of life by showing you a new, better way of working.  Support is provided through our consulting, analysis, coaching and mentoring services.


Our programs are delivered in a streamlined process which:

  • helps you understand what it is that your customers value and your business strategy

  • teaches your team to map the way you are delivering value now - the current state map

  • works with the team to create a future state map

  • create an action plan to close the gap between the current and future state

  • embed the skills required to do this in the team so that you can achieve your lean thinking goals with in house management, independently of us


support programs


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"…this has been rewarding for all of our staff ”

Advanced Program

If you are already operating at a high level of efficiency but need to take it to another level to reach your business and performance goals, Efficiency Works offers an advanced program.


This is for people and companies who have had some training and experience in how to implement but are looking for more.


We offer:


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Refresher Courses

Change and improvement programs often start with a bang but after the initial honeymoon, enthusiasm wanes and people get distracted, bored or demotivated.


If you need some momentum to keep going, our refresher courses will give you the practical tools you need.  We also coach and mentor teams and leaders to make sure that your strategy gets implemented. 


refresher programs


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“ excellent workshop.  not a boring moment.
great presentation, a real life experience ”

Blitz It

To achieve fast results, we use a process called Kaizen Blitz, which simply means we enable big results, quickly.  Blitz workshop participants will:


  • apply real life simple but effective continuous improvement techniques to improve the performance of a process in your business

  • ensure these improvements are practical

  • achieve valuable learning outcomes

  • provide a foundation for an ongoing continuous improvement culture


blitz programs


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