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Online Learning for Lean Six Sigma


We hope this page answers all of your questions about our live online



Lean Six Sigma Courses and Workshops.


If you need more information or help with tailoring the training to suit your specific needs, please ask us.

What Courses are Available?


Our nationally-accredited online ‘Competitive Systems & Practices’ qualifictaions are available at 3 levels



You are also able to undertake individual course topics online, on a subject-by-subject basis, and if required, these individual subjects are also able to be certified.

All courses are fully-supported by our qualified Efficiency Works’ trainer and our online Learning Management System (LMS).

If you want to get started on either our

MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices  course


MSS40361 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices course


head over to the enrolment page

Online Learning Benefits


Online learning provides: 

  • A low cost but effective form of training

  • An ability to learn anywhere, at any time and at a pace that suits your busy schedule

  • No need to travel to training centres, or to pay for the travel of trainers

How do we enhance the online learning experience?


We teach this course live - just remotely over the web.  You don't just get some files to download and tasks to submit. 


There are usually issues with online training.  Some students find it difficult to stay focused on some online training because of the reduced social engagement.  Also the flexibility of online training is a double-edged sword as it means students can reschedule it for later and never follow through.

We overcome these problems by having a blended approach.  Our presentations are recorded but they are also given live so that you can interact and ask questions.  In fact we encourage questions because it makes the training far more relevant.

We also schedule one-on-one time with you every week.  This means that you get a chance to ask questions privately and we can tailor our assistance to you to help you progress through the course.

Our online system includes forums where students can share successes and ask questions of their peers and trainers at any time.  Our portal is only available to registered Efficiency Works’ students and clients.  This fact makes it particularly valuable because questions can be asked in a “safer” environment.  It is much less intimidating to ask a question in this community than to post a question on a worldwide forum.

Online Learning Support

Efficiency Works Online Learning is fully supported by including: 

  • Live coaching sessions and online support with one of our experienced trainers

  • Online access to workbooks, quizzes, tutorials, videos, recommended reading material etc.

  • Access to recordings of sessions

  • Email or message the trainers 24/7 and or use our subject forums to get your questions answered.

  • An option to purchase a site visit by your trainer.

Even more details can be found if you click here

If you have any questions ask us

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