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If you need some help to kick off try our business assessment or strategy program.


If you have already started and you need some assistance executing your ideas, you may need our learner, support, advanced or blitz program.


If you are on your journey and need motivation to keep going, you may need our support or refresher programs.


If you need assistance to work out where to go
next try our learner and refresher programs.


We will make to measure a game plan. Contact us to get a tailored solution

What is available?


You can choose lean thinking training and coaching that is either



and we can deliver it ​either


Whatever stage you are at in your journey we have the service to help.


To find out what suits you best, pick the stage you are at from the list below and find the programs that will suit.

Want more detail?


We want to make lean thinking a way of life in your business. From management right down to the processes used at the coal face, Efficiency Works will show you a new, better way of working.


We help you create the value your customers want

  • On time

  • With Good quality

  • At the right price

  • with the minimum amount of waste


In order to achieve this we use the five principles of lean thinking*


  1. Specify value from the point of view of the customer

  2. Identify the value stream

  3. Create smooth flow

  4. Let the customer pull

  5. Pursue perfection


Our lean thinking programs are built around these five fundamental principles and delivered in a streamlined process which helps you understand.


  • what it is that your customers value

  • your business strategy

  • where the waste is

  • how to add more value


We want to set you up so that you not only have a great business but you do not need us.  We want you working on lean without us as soon as possible.

As a first step we help you understand what it is that your customer values.  Once you understand that, we teach your team how to map the way that you are delivering value now.  The map created is the current state map.  We then work with the team to create a future state map.  This is a picture of how you would like to do the work.  A good future state map embraces Lean Thinking principles 3 and 4 i.e. create smooth flow, let the customer pull. 


The tension between the current state map and the future state map determines the actions your team needs to undertake in order to pursue perfection and we help you create an action plan to achieve your goals.  Once started the lean thinking journey never ends so the business needs to repeat the cycle.  Our aim is to embed the skills required to do this in the team so that you can achieve your lean thinking goals with in-house management, independently of us.


When it comes to lean thinking in Australia, Efficiency Works is the organisation that will take your business, from management right down to the shop floor, to a whole new level of efficiency. Whether you require lean management training or any other type of lean training in Brisbane or beyond, we’ve got the knowledge, experience and tools to show your organisation how to be more competitive.


Ask us to learn more about lean thinking which is changing the way organisations in Australia work.

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