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We can help you make Lean Thinking a way of life in your business. From management right down to the processes used at the coal face, Efficiency Works will show you a new, better way of working.

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our story

Efficiency Works is a national Lean Six Sigma business improvement consultancy and Registered Training Organisation helping clients of all sizes and industries get their business in good working order.


Our action oriented, highly experienced consultants deploy lean and a range of other tools through a unique approach that delivers immediate efficiency improvements to teams and organisations.


We have helped thousands of team members at all levels within hundreds of organisations deliver millions of dollars in savings, service improvements and capacity increases.


But it’s not just about dollars.  Our clients tell us their work places are also happier and make more sense.  Once we have applied our skills, we like to make ourselves redundant, and leave our clients to continue the good work.


we are:

  • proven performers with real result

  • veterans of the improvement industry

  • a registered training organisation (RTO)

  • fully prequalified under the NSW government Performance & Management Services Scheme



  • to unlock world class work places.



  • to transform work places.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is actually a merger of ‘Lean’ and “Six Sigma’ disciplines. In general, Six Sigma is the application of a set of quality management methods to improve processes by removing the causes of defects and variation.

Lean is focused on eliminating waste using a set of proven standardised tools and methodologies that target organisational efficiencies. The merger provides a comprehensive business improvement toolbox.

What qualifications can I get in Lean Six Sigma?

There is only one nationally-accredited Lean Six Sigma qualification available in Australia which is Competitive Systems and Practices. This is available at 3 levels – Certificate III (MSS30316), Certificate IV (MSS40316) and Diploma (MSS50316) with the Certificate IV being the most popular.

We do also offer Lean Six Sigma Belts - Black, Green or Yellow.

Can I get a Yellow, Green or Black Belt?

Yes, you can enrol in any of these with us . Go to https://www.efficiencyworks.com.au/lean-six-sigma-belts for more details.

What qualification is best for me?

This depends on your need and the needs of your employer. Nationally-accredited Lean Six Sigma qualifications are recognised anywhere in Australia and students require demonstrated learning through the implementation of workplace projects, and therefore would be immediately attractive to employers.These qualifications take around 10 months to complete (more for the Diploma) but provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills and are nationally accredited. ‘Belt’ qualifications can be secured relatively more quickly but they are not nationally accredited. Employers do however value them on your CV.

Are the course available online?

Yes. Efficiency Works’ nationally-accredited training courses are all available online which means that you learn anywhere, at any time, and at a pace that suits your day-to-day commitments. We have the option of a completely self-paced course or a supported program that includes weekly ‘real time live’ training sessions with a fully qualified trainer.

Belt course are 100% online and self-paced.

Can I receive subsidies for the courses?

Sometimes. Government subsidies are only available for nationally-accredited courses. These schemes are available through state governments and the amount of subsidy and eligibility requirements vary between states. Contact Efficiency Works on 07 3340 5178 or info@efficiencyworks.com.au and we can discuss options.

Can I get some help to improve productivity in my workplace?

Besides being a Registered Training Organisation, Efficiency Works is also a full-service business improvement consultancy that can help remove waste, increase productivity, improve product quality and customer service and reduce costs.

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