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What is it?

Lean Six Sigma Belts courses have been designed to assist Australian organisations become more globally competitive by instilling a culture of continuous improvement and quality that optimises performance of an organisation from the inside out, drastically impacting efficiencies, costs and service outcomes.

When successfully deployed, the knowledge and competencies provided by this program will provide bottom line business benefits through a range of Lean Six Sigma tools that can be applied in your workplace. 

Lean Six Sigma is a systematic approach to continuous improvement achieved by removing wasteful non-value-adding activities and reducing process variation. The methodology, tools and frameworks can be applied to any industry and to any workplace, delivering improvements in quality, service outcomes, customer satisfaction, revenue and margins, and strengthening organisational culture.

Efficiency Works’ Lean Six Sigma Belts’ program, which is delivered entirely online through our Learning Management System Portal, provides graduated learning of the knowledge components required for Yellow Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts.

  • Yellow Belts: Familiar with the fundamental tenets of Lean Six Sigma concepts, an understanding of the overall methodology, basic data collection, the language of hypothesis testing and measurement systems. Typically, Yellow Belts are not regular members of a process improvement team but need to contribute towards Lean Six Sigma projects.

  • Green Belts: Work within Lean Six Sigma teams, deliver or lead small projects on their own, help Black Belts apply tools to larger projects, and undertake most of the statistical data collection and analysis.

  • Black Belts: Possess a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, tools and frameworks. Lead process improvement projects, provide strategic input to business improvement programs and projects, and guide Green Belts in project delivery.

Topics Covered

  • Six Sigma principles

  • Six Sigma history and application

  • Other process improvement tools

  • lean and Six Sigma Concepts

  • Quality tools

  • Metrics and measurement systems

  • Selecting projects

  • DMAIC/DMADV Problem Solving

  • Statistics and hypothesis testing

  • Control charts

  • Statistics in business applications

  • Analysis of variance

  • Design of experiments

  • Lean Six Sigma application in various fields

How does it work?


Students will be sent a link to enroll in their chosen Belt course and will be provided personal access to our Learning Management System (LMS) which contains the required training and support materials and a series of sequential quizzes.

The LMS sets out the study agenda and the associated quizzes, each of which requires a minimum 80% pass score before they can progress to the next topic. Students can attempt the quiz as many times as is required however the selected course must be completed within a 12 month timeframe.

Students will need a good internet connection and access to a computer or tablet.


 Who Will Benefit From Attending These Courses?


The Lean Six Sigma methodology, tools and frameworks can be applied to any work environment where business/continuous improvement and the resulting outcomes are a strategic imperative.

The knowledge components of these courses will help address the needs of professionals who are involved in identifying, delivering, managing and leading continuous improvement projects.


These courses are suitable for:

  • Executive Managers

  • Senior Managers

  • CI / BI Managers

  • Lean Six Sigma Champions

  • Team Leaders and Supervisors

  • Business and process analysts

  • IT staff

  • Employees who need to incorporate Lean Six Sigma into their working day


 What outcomes will the course provide?                                                                        

​Online learning for Lean Six Sigma Belts courses deliver the following outcomes for successful participants and for the organisation:

  • A fundamental understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology, tools and frameworks

  • Lean Six Sigma knowledge components that can be deployed to undertake improvement projects

  • An understanding of how data analytics can improve decision-making

  • A platform to develop a Continuous Improvement culture 

  • Recognition of your knowledge at Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt levels


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