lean office

 delivers benefits

 by eliminating waste 

What is it?


Lean manufacturing principles have been successfully applied to improve the delivery of value to customers over many years.  The same principles that have improved the performance of manufacturers apply in the office. 


The five principles of lean thinking* are:


  1. Specify value from the point of view of the customer

  2. Identify the value stream

  3. Create smooth flow

  4. Let the customer pull

  5. Pursue perfection


Our lean office workshop explains these principles in a practical way
and explores real solutions to office problems


Lean works because it focuses on us optimising value to the customer. 
We are forced to think how we can do what the customer wants with the least amount of waste and resource as quickly and reliably as possible.


What do we do?


Our lean office workshop is varied and interactive.  We practice the lean techniques on a simulated environment so your team learns by doing. 
All the time your people are working on the simulation we lead the thinking and discussion as to how this may be applied to their situation.  As part of the workshop we work with the team to document actions that can be implemented back in the workplace.  Because our training is interactive,
it is practical and memorable which means more results and improvement to your business after the workshop is over.


Most of our lean office clients then follow the initial training session up
with our value stream mapping workshop.


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*Womack and Jones 


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