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What is it?

Structured around Lean Manufacturing concepts, this on-the-job training creates maximum ownership and engagement. Our Lean Manufacturing Training is usually delivered in the workplace and is very different from most training programs. We focus on learning through real projects. 


We spend as little time as possible in the training room and as much time as possible out in your processes with your people.  Our experience also means that we can use examples from businesses very similar to yours, not just the usual car industry examples.


Our lean manufacturing training is based around the 5 principles of lean*


  • Specify value from the point of view of the customer

  • Identify the value stream

  • Create smooth flow

  • Let the customer pull

  • Pursue perfection


Our lean thinking programs are built around these five fundamental principles and delivered in a streamlined process which helps you understand.


  • what it is that your customers value

  • your business strategy

  • where the waste is

  • how to add more value


We want to set you up so that you not only have a great business but you do not need us.  We want you working on lean without us as soon as possible.


Online Training and Coaching

We now offer our courses online.  Get more information on this option here

What is available?


We run certified or uncertified lean manufacturing training.  Whatever stage you are at in your journey we have the service to help.


To find out what suits you best, pick the stage you are at from the list below and find the programs that will suit.


If you need some help to kick off try our business assessment or strategy program.


If you have already started and you need some assistance executing your ideas, you may need our learner, support, advanced or blitz program.


If you are on your journey and need motivation to keep going, you may need our support or refresher programs.


If you need assistance to work out where to go
next try our learner and refresher programs.


We will make to measure a game plan.