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What is it?


This program calls on the work of John Kotter to explore the steps required for successful organisational change.


What do we do?


Our program is designed to:

  • clearly articulate the roles and expectation of staff and management in the new business environment

  • measure organisational maturity of the business and identify gaps that need to be addressed to achieve success

  • create an action plan outlining tasks and responsibilities of different parts of the company in achieving the change

  • encourage discussion around the cultural challenges associated with the change program and explore methods for dealing with challenges


People have a tendency to underestimate the “people” aspect of change and concentrate only on the technical or tangible issues.  This will result in your change project underperforming.  This program prevents that from happening. 


Change management training is part of all of our interventions, however your situation may require this workshop as a standalone. 


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