This video case study explains the results obtained by Darwalla, a poultry company, when they applied Lean Six Sigma with the help of Efficiency Works.


Another one of our 1 minute educational videos - The 5 principles of lean in one minute.  We really hope this helps you understand it or is useful to you for training others.  

 The latest in our series of one minute information videos on Lean principles

We hope you find this real quick (1 minute) introduction to Value Stream Mapping and how to do it useful.

The following story on linked in by Michael Smith outlines how Efficiency Works helped his school become more efficient using Lean Six Sigma. 

5S is one of the most popular Lean Six Sigma topics we teach.  It is also probably the simplest and paradoxically the most difficult to do.  So that you can understand the basic theory and move onto the implementation we have produced this video - 5S in a minute.  Now...

As an organisation whose core services revolve around Lean and Continuous Improvement, Efficiency Works regularly interacts with Business Improvement (BI) teams that are established with the central responsibility for making tangible productivity gains within their hos...