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The amount of autonomy, mastery and purpose* that people have in their work greatly influences their morale.  Our Lean Six Sigma programs help people improve
all of these factors.  Our work team and value stream focused improvements increase autonomy without exposing the business to greater risk.  Our training programs improve mastery and our strategy deployment sessions clarify purpose for everyone in the organisation.


To make sure that change is effectively achieved we also utilise the methods of John Kotter to ensure that change not only occurs but is sustained.


We’ve helped companies with this many times before.  Morale is notoriously difficult to measure however our programs have an enormous impact on morale resulting in:


  • a highly visual, easily understood and cascaded performance management system

  • groups educated on how to implement change within the work place and guided through the delivery of change

  • a continuous improvement culture established

  • staff taking responsibility for their performance rather than blaming everyone else


You can see case studies and more examples on how we have helped business increase morale on our results page.


No matter what stage of the journey you are on, one of our services
will help you increase morale.


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*Dan Pink

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