coaching and mentoring program

To effect change most of us need support.  It is a lot easier to talk about and start things than it is to see them through to completion.


To make it easy for our clients to get improvement and maintain it our mentoring and coaching services ensure:

  • direct access to expert advice when you need it, at every stage

  • regular motivation to actually change, not just wish for it

  • tried and tested improvement resources at every stage

  • clearly allocated tasks and responsibilities make it clear what has to be done by when

  • actions are linked to your business strategy


Online option

We now offer our courses online.  Get more information on this option here



Our coaching and mentoring services include:

  • strategy

    • development

    • deployment

  • knowledge transfer

  • leadership

    • management development

    • change leadership

    • transformational leadership

    • aligning teams

  • executive and corporate coaching (individuals and teams)

  • people development and growth

  • lean skills and techniques

  • business silo issue resolution

  • breaking down barriers to effectiveness

  • total quality management

  • collaborate on implementation

  • executive and team mentoring


Your situation may demand a short workshop, a blitz or a long term intervention.  We can do it all and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution that suits your budget and solves your problem.


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