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Who is this level of lean certification suitable for?


  • aimed at employees who act as the interface between members of their team and their supervisors and managers

  • appropriate for operators who work under minimum supervision, particularly if they make independent decisions


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Are subsidies available?


Yes.  These course can attract subsidies.  If you are in Queensland then we are a pre-qualified supplier under the Queensland Government's  User Choice program as well as the Certificate 3 Guarantee.  This means that the MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices is heavily subsidised for eligible staff.


Details on the User Choice program can be found here

Details on the Certificate 3 Guarantee and the Higher Level Skills programs can be found here


Subsidies vary depending on your circumstances.  Contact us to find out the best deal for you.


Lean Certification Training and Assessment Methodology


Structured around lean thinking concepts and performed in the workplace this competency based training focuses on learning through real projects that improve the bottom line. To be awarded a Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices, competency must be achieved in 10 units.


Core Units


The following units must be chosen:


  • MSS403001 Implement competitive systems and practices

  • MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

  • MSMWHS200 Work Safely


Group A Units


A minimum of 1 unit of competency required from Group A which includes the following:


  • MSS403085 Ensure process improvements are sustained

  • MSS403010 Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices

  • MSS403011 Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices


Group B Units


A minimum of 2 units of competency is required from Group B which includes the following:


  • MSS402082 Apply cost factors to work practices

  • MSS402080 Undertake root cause analysis

  • MSS403021 Facilitate a Just in Time system

  • MSS403086 Improve cost factors in work practices

  • MSS403053 Map an operational process

  • MSS403040 Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S

  • MSS403054 Facilitate breakthrough improvements

  • MSS403087 Mistake proof an operational process

  • MSMSUP390 Use structured problem solving tools


Group C Units


The balance of up to 4 units of competency can be chosen from Groups A, B & C. Group C units include the following


  • MSS402020 Apply quick changeover procedures

  • MSS402021 Apply Just in Time procedures

  • MSS402040 Apply 5S procedures

  • MSS402051 Apply quality standards

  • MSS405008 Analyse and map a value stream


A maximum of 4 Group C units may be selected from other qualifications in this Training Package or other endorsed Training Packages where those units are available at Cert III, Cert IV or Diploma level.


As an example the Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices could be structured like the one below:


Unit Code                   Unit Title

MSS403001            Implement competitive systems and practices

MSMENV272          Participate in environmentally sustainable work                                                practices

MSMWHS200        Work Safely

MSS403085           Ensure process improvements are sustained

MSS403010           Manage the impact of change on own work

MSS403011           Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and                                         practices

MSS403040           Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S

MSMSUP390         Use structured problem solving tools

MSS402080           Undertake root cause analysis

MSS402020           Apply quick changeover procedures


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