Do you have these 2 critical ingredients for continuous improvement using Lean Six Sigma?

For organisations that are striving for operational excellence using Lean Six Sigma principles, what differentiates the companies who are forging ahead from those that are just going through the motions? Over the years, during our Lean Six Sigma work with many different companies across numerous industries we have been constantly searching for the "must do, can't fail" practices that are found in organisations that are successful. Here are some musings about 2 of the critical ingredients for success. Firstly, long term success relies on the rigorous and repeated use of a scientific approach to problem solving, supported by a culture where problems are seen in a positive light and embraced as

What are Gemba Walks and why they should become Standard Work for leaders?

The Gemba Walk is a walk through the value creating (or destroying) processes of your business. The leader walks the process to understand how the business is actually working. It is about getting out of the office and into the process with our people, to help our teams discover issues and fix them. It becomes a valuable mechanism for staying in touch with our managers and team leaders, and staying across the real operational issues in our business. When we do Gemba Walks regularly (preferably daily), we demonstrate that we are serious about continuous improvement, and that we are the 'lean leadership' our personnel want and need. They are so effective at changing organisations we belie

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