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The 5S blitz aims to improve workplaces by simplifying, better organising and sustaining a productive work environment.  Translated from Japanese words that begin with “S” the common English equivalents are:


Sort – get rid of clutter

Set in order – organise what is left behind

Shine – ensure the area can be cleaned easily

Standardise – use standards to ensure the first three S’s are maintained

Sustain – maintain through empowerment, commitment and discipline


What do we do?


The workshop is conducted as a blitz.  This means the participants will achieve valuable learning outcomes, and we will simultaneously identify some practical improvements for your processes, all in a short period of time.  The workshop is designed to provide a foundation for an ongoing continuous improvement culture.


We know from experience that people learn best by doing, so our workshops are very practical and hands on.  During the workshop participants learn the 5S concepts and then practically apply the tools in your business.  The objective is to implement the early stages of a 5S program in a pilot area with a small team.  In this way, your organisation benefits from the learning experience as well as some 5S improvement applied in your operation.


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